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PAT Test Process
The testing procedures involve the use of voltages and currents that have the potential to cause harm to the Inspector. It is important to ensure that the equipment under test should not be touched during the testing process. The only way to be certain that appliances are safe is to have them tested this should be carried out by a competent person they should be using the correct portable appliance equipment.

Step 1 : Formal Visual Inspection

This should only be carried out by a competent person. This is then recorded by them. Inspection of:

  • The flex
  • The plug
  • The socket outlet or the flex outlet
  • The appliance
The equipment should be assessed for its suitability for the environment or the nature of the work being undertaken. When the work environment is harsh or hazardous particular care needs to be taken when selecting the equipment and assessing the frequency of inspection and testing. The means of isolation from the electricity supply must be readily accessible to the user, i.e. in normal circumstances it must be possible to reach the plug and socket without to much difficulty.


Step 2 : The Tests

This is carried out after a successful formal visual Inspection:

  • Earth continuity test
  • Insulation resistance test
  • Protective conductor/touch current test
  • Functional test
  • Polarity test (leads)
! Please note that: IT equipment should be powered down during this time by the user at time of testing in order to prevent possibility of loss of data !

Step 3 : Documentation / Records

For the person carrying out the test:

  • A register of all equipment
  • A record of formal inspections
  • A record of combined inspections and tests
  • A repair register
  • A record of faulty equipments

Step 4 : Labelling

  • All equipment to have a clear identification code
  • All equipment to have a clear indication of its current safety status i.e. PASS or FAIL and the date on which re-testing is due.

We use the latest software system to produce equipment test records and we provide computerised list of equipment register.

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